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Winter Specials!

Posted by Jay Haupt on December 29, 2010 at 4:37 PM

J' Paints Winter Specials!!!

Available till March 1, 2011

note: To be elligible you must have approved our estimate for a qualifying purchase and pay a 50% deposit by March 1, 2011 or before the start of the project. Offers cannot be combined unless noted.

Free Power Wash

-Recieve a free power wash for your house if you purchase a full exterior painting package. Good with any product selections. This free power wash before application of paint will ensure your exterior is free of dirt and grime and help with paint adhesion.

5% Off Your First J' Paints Service!!!!

-Recieve 5% off your first service at J' Paints. This coupon is also good till March 1, 2011. Use this coupon on larger projects to save even more money! Only applicable to new J' Paints clients. One time use only. Check out our "Rates and Services" page to see if your to-do list is available here at J' Paints!

To get the process started just...

Call: (785) 979-1648


Email: lazer_120@hotmail.com

ask for Jay!

--If you have any questions or comments please visit our "contact us" page for more communication options.

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